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» Are you equipped to finish the fight?

Are you equipped to finish the fight?

The CTAV’s patent-pending Advanced Impact Resistance Technology (AIR)™ is proven to reduce behind armor blunt trauma during ballistic and non-ballistic impacts. When your life depends on it, AIR™ will ensure you Finish the Fight.

In ballistic lab testing & live-fire demonstrations, the CTAV decreased backface signatures by up to 62%. This significant reduction can be the crucial difference between being knocked out of an engagement and emerging victorious in the face of danger.

While body armor is highly effective at stopping bullet penetrations, blunt force trauma associated with the impact can cause soft tissue, musculoskeletal and organ damage. Best case, the impact causes a small contusion and there’s no major damage. Worst case, the impact causes a traumatic, incapacitating injury resulting in serious injury or death.

There have been many unsuccessful attempts at supplementing armor to attenuate blunt force trauma. Until now. The CTAV effectively addresses this problem that has evaded a practical solution for years. Get yours today.


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