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The CTAV is a product of choice for those who protect our freedom.

CORTAC has developed a passive cooling, trauma attenuation and ventilation device called the CTAV. The CTAV is a flexible, lightweight textile air-bladder system that is affixed to or integrated into body armor carrier systems and base layer shirt systems. For optimal performance, the CTAV maintains direct contact with the end-user’s combat shirt, uniform shirt or base layer.

The CTAV delivers improved comfort and functional performance of Personal Protective Equipment, specifically body armor. In addition, subjective field reports, combined with the objective physiological and ballistic testing data supports the CTAV’s ability to improve the performance and survivability of military and law enforcement personnel.



Key Performance Capabilities

  • Natural ventilation of metabolic heat from behind armor
  • Accelerated sweat evaporation
  • Evaporative cooling in high ambient temperatures
  • Chill prevention and drier kit and clothing in low ambient temperatures
  • Ballistic behind armor blunt trauma (BABT) attenuation
  • Positive buoyancy
  • Fatigue mitigation – Absorption of repeated jolts and jarring
  • Improved hygiene – Antimicrobial / Antifungal
  • Reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) trapped in kit
  • Prevention of skin-related ailments such as heat rash, prickly heat


The CTAV conducts the body’s metabolic heat into its air chambers where Free-Convective Heat Transfer then takes place. If the operational environment is very hot, then the metabolic heat transfer through the CTAV to the environment happens rapidly. In cold operational environments, this process slows down and less metabolic heat is lost to the environment.


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