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Keeping you comfortably dry

Ask anyone about the comfort of their body armor and they’ll tell you: Nothing is worse than being soaked in sweat for an entire shift, operation or mission. And being cold, sweaty and clammy from your sweat-soaked undershirt and armor carrier is worse than being hot and sweaty.

But not with the CTAV, equipped with EverDryTM technologyJust listen to the words of Chris W., a firearms and tactics instructor in New York: “I was definitely sweating but when I took off my vest, I realized that my undershirt was actually dry.”

(left) Undershirt worn by an officer with the CTAV. After a day on the job without the CTAV, this shirt would normally be soaked in sweat, but as you can see, it’s almost completely dry. (top right)  CTAV panel without EverDry shows sweat beading. Beaded sweat takes longer to evaporate. (bottom right) CTAV panel with EverDry shows sweat laying flat; therefore increasing the evaporation rate. Note: The same volume of saline solution was used on treated and non-treated CTAV panels.

A critical component of the CTAV is EverDry, a proprietary nanocrystal surface structure. With EverDry, the CTAV performs:

  • Increases the surface area thousands of times when compared to untreated nylon
  • Creates a super-hydrophylic surface which is self-cleaning and anti-microbial
  • Causes sweat to lay flat on the surface instead of beading; more rapid evaporation
  • Forms an active moisture barrier between torso and armor carrier
  • Facilitates Conductive & Convective cooling

The CTAV, whether worn in conjunction with performance garments or simple cotton t-shirts, has delivered unprecedented levels of comfort underneath plate carriers, tactical vests, concealable vests and outer vest carriers.

Skeptical? You’re not the first. Click below to see what the believers say about the CTAV.


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