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My CTAV Story

Correspondence from another pleased CTAV customer:

My CTAV Story

Several summers ago I was issued new body armor. Last summer was unusually warm here in Washington State and I developed, what I recently found out to be a severe allergy to a chemical used in the manufacturing of Kevlar. Lucky me. I was absolutely miserable.

While searching for a solution to my problem, I discovered there were others out there required to wear body armor who had skin problems similar to mine.

One day while surfing the policeone website, I found an advertisement for the CTAV. I immediately went to the CORTAC sight and found a testimonial of someone with a similar problem to mine.

I called CORTAC and told them of my plight. They were cordial and very helpful.

I am happy to write that in the two months I have been wearing the CTAV under my body armor, my skin problem has not returned. My body armor fits a little tighter but it is not uncomfortable at all even while on bicycle patrol and no one can tell the difference that I am wearing the CTAV under my body armor.

I still perspire during my patrol activities but not as much as before using the CTAV and thankfully no skin problems have relapsed.

Thank you, CORTAC for saving my sanity.

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