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The CTAV Shirt Carrier System (SCS)™ is the industry’s first purpose-built body armor base layer system.

A moisture-wicking performance base layer, combined with the CTAV, that rapidly moves moisture away from your skin, accelerates evaporation, allows for body heat to naturally vent from behind armor and reduces & eliminates skin irritations caused by wearing concealable, outer vests and tactical armor. The SCS is currently in use by law enforcement and corrections personnel.

CTAV Shirt Carrier System (SCS)™ datasheet

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The CTAV Retrofit Kit™ enhances the comfort of wearing concealable armor, outer vest & uniform carriers and tactical armor systems by promoting natural ventilation and accelerated evaporation of sweat.

Ergonomic design and functional application with hook and loop enables all public safety and military personnel to attach the front and back CTAV panels to existing armor carrier systems. The Retrofit Kit is currently fielded by U.S. and allied Special Operations Forces, conventional military, security contractors, federal, state and local law enforcement and corrections personnel.

CTAV Retrofit Kit™ datasheet


30-Day Comfort Guarantee

If you are not more comfortable in your armor after wearing the CTAV for 30 days, then we will refund your money.
No questions, no hassle.

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