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So how does the CTAV work? The secret is in its two main technologies: EverDry™ and Advanced Impact Resistance™ (AIR).

AIR and EverDry™ are proven to keep police, corrections, contractors and military personnel cooler, drier and more comfortable in their body armor.



EverDry™ surface technology outperforms traditional armor carrier moisture management solutions because its nanocrystal surface structure has 10,000 times the surface area of normal fabric. This pulls moisture away from the skin and into the thousands of micro-crevices across its surface, keeping you comfortably dry.

  1. Outside air flows into the torso and armor facing sides of the CTAV™
  2. Body heat escapes and is no longer trapped between torso and armor
  3. Metabolic heat is conducted into the inflated air chambers where it then naturally vents from behind the armor
  4. Nanocrystal Surface: Super-hydrophilic properties prevent sweat from beading | Moisture barrier preventing sweat absorption into armor carrier | Convection cooling via evaporation





Advanced Impact Resistance™ (AIR) Technology is a dual air-chamber system that creates a comfortable microclimate between torso and body armor. AIR promotes active air-flow between torso and armor while delivering additional protection from ballistic and non-ballistic blunt trauma.

  1. Ballistic and non-ballistic impact energy is dissipated and spread over a larger surface area
  2. Pressurized panel absorbs energy and reduces impact to body
  3. Comfort provided by the dual-air-chambered design keeping armor away from skin



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