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EAGLElement’s Mike Haytack Test & Evaluation

Bill M. – Drug Interdiction and K-9 Officer

“I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with the CTAV. I have been cooler and more comfortable each day and when I get home I don’t feel drenched with sweat. At one point I did catch a breeze that left me with a chill thanks to the CTAV. I even went so far to have a coworker punch me in the chest while wearing the panels, I have to say that impressed me greatly since no more than 10 minutes later I felt completely fine and felt no ill effect from the strike.”

Ira D., Federal Correctional Officer, MN

“Several summers ago I was issued new body armor. Last summer was unusually warm here in Washington State and I developed, what I recently found out to be a severe allergy to a chemical used in the manufacturing of Kevlar. I was absolutely miserable.

While searching for a solution to my problem, I discovered there were others out there required to wear body armor who had skin problems similar to mine.

I am happy to write that in the two months I have been wearing the CTAV under my body armor, my skin problem has not returned…I still perspire during my patrol activities but not as much as before using the CTAV and thankfully no skin problems have relapsed. Thank you, CORTAC for saving my sanity.

Officer John Rivera
Bremerton Police Department

“I’ve spent numerous hours in kit in various temperatures and continue to see the same results. As far as I’m concerned the CTAV is a sleek, innovative, and operator-friendly piece of gear that provides cooling and comfort beneficial to a broad range of customers both training at home, or downrange.”

Current SOF Operator

“I had the opportunity to test out the CTAV over three weeks with a diverse group of tactical operators. I personally wore the CTAV under my plate-carrier for two days last week here in the Texas desert. Temps ranged from 102 to 105 degrees and the sun never let up, but the CTAV seemed to reduce the heat transfer and provided a cooling effect. I had one of the students wear the CTAV under his kit, and he immediately noticed and commented the same. We have introduced the CTAV to military and other customers of ours during tactical skills training. All seem interested in the CTAV.”

CSM Tom Buchino, 5th SFG (ret.)
Founder of Covenant Special Projects and Tactical Ranch – Texas

“CTAV made vest noticeably cooler—not a miracle product, but a big improvement. To work effectively, the panels must be completely inflated. The vest becomes slightly tighter but seems more cushioned by inflated pads. Overall, the quality of the product is good, it stays inflated for several days, and I usually do not notice I am even wearing it after a few minutes.”

Jay P., SWAT – California

“The most important factor for me was that the CTAV did not cause any problems with the way my kit was already set up. It is thin and conforms to the body so it hardly adds any bulkiness. It is very comfortable and I had no chaffing. It did not ride up or start to fall out or shift to the sides. I could feel a slight breeze underneath my plates. There was some air circulation happening. Because of the CTAV my plates were not ‘sticking to my body’”

Jason, Navy SEAL (2004-2011) & Current Security Contractor

“While I was a bit skeptical at first, I must say it works as advertised. I immediately noticed that my t-shirt was staying drier under my vest and it really came in to its own this summer working in 100+ degree temps. I wore the CTAV off and on to compare the experience with and without. The CTAV’s effectiveness was very, very obvious and I was substantially cooler than the times I did not wear it under my vest. I refuse to wear my vest without the CTAV.”

Chris L., Patrol and SWAT Supervisor – Arizona

“I have sensitive skin and have been plagued with rashes since I started working in 1988 due to heat and a vest pressed on my body—at the end of shift, my body is soaked and red. I used the CTAV over the summer and while I still get hot, I can feel air circulating between my body and the vest when I am riding.  I can also see that my body has much less continuous contact with my vest. I have had much more comfort and far fewer issues with my skin since using the product.”

Rex F., Motor Supervisor – California

“I was out with my guys wearing the CTAV the other day. Most stated the product added comfort from a padding perspective below armor. Also, it prevented armor from getting sweaty and wet and hence could help in degradation and odor. The resounding positive is that the CTAV increases armor comfort.”

Andrew D., SWAT Medic – Illinois

“I wore the CTAV on the Fourth of July for the Macy’s Fireworks Show, and it was 100 degrees with the heat index. I was in the direct sun for eight hours and an additional three hours in just the humid weather. I was definitely sweating but when I took off my bulletproof vest, I realized that my undershirt was actually dry. The CTAV was very comfortable to wear and you don’t even realize you are wearing it. Any police officer would be foolish not to get the CTAV.”

Chris W., Firearms and Tactics Instructor – New York

“I wore the CTAV during my regular shift, which was all urban night in the mid-70s. I normally sweat heavily during K-9 training and tracks, but noticed much less sweat when wearing the CTAV. I also noticed that I did not sweat during low to moderate activities. I wore it for seven days. It significantly reduced sweating and increased comfort of air circulation. I took the CTAV off for approximately two hours but found it unbearable and put the CTAV back on. No doubt, the CTAV works.”

Kirk W., K-9 – Washington

“I wore the CTAV during several training sessions and on several operations. The CTAV was comfortable. I actually forgot I was wearing it. I did notice that air circulated and appeared cooler. My T-shirt did seem to stay drier.”

Scott L., SWAT Supervisor – Florida

“Very comfortable—I wore my tactical vest for nine hours with temperatures ranging from 90 to 105 degrees. I did not sweat, and when I removed my vest, my clothes were dry underneath!”

Christina I., Parole Agent – Idaho

“Usually while working with a vest on the outside, I feel a steady stream of hot air coming from under the vest up to my neck and face. This occurred generally when I got back into my vehicle and sat down. While wearing the CTAV, the heat sensation was not there. By this not occurring, I feel my body temp was lower. Also, I did feel the air circulating better under my vest with the CTAV on. The comfort of the CTAV was even better after a couple of days, too, as it formed to my body.”

Bryan I., Patrol – Tennessee

“For the past 15 years, I’ve tried everything to help with heat-related issues, including many of the latest branded undershirts – all did nothing to help. It was always hot no matter what I did. The CTAV made an immediate difference that you could feel and it did help immensely. Gone was the warm clamminess of perspiration trapped directly between skin and armor. While I was still sweating, the feeling of the armor was bearable and much improved.”

Ray Q., Firearms and Tactics Instructor – New York

“The heat index was between 110 and 115, and thanks to the CTAV, I was able to continue to wear my body armor without feeling overwhelmed by the heat. I didn’t even get a headache like I have before on days that were even cooler—and that was after another 14-hour shift doing evictions in houses and apartments without air conditioning. I cannot say enough about this wonderful product.”

Jerome H., Deputy – Wisconsin


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